Final Project Proposal

My initial idea for a final project is a photo series of handmade traditional snowshoes.

Photos would be in color.  Photos would include single shots, HDR, and Panorama photos.

The photos being considered are the following:

  • Overview photo of snowshoes and kkaakene boots overlooking a trail
  • Close-up of handmade Snowshoes:
    • Hardwood birch frame with latticework webbing and moose skin bindings
    • Kkaakene boots with a close-up of moose skin bindings
  • 2 HDR photos of one or two people dressed for and walking a trail
  • Panorama stitched photos of Labyrinth trail on backyard pond

For the panorama, I was considering doing 3 HDR photos for each section (as an “experiment”) merged and then stitch the series.

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