Required Equipment

Camera Front

In order to take this course you must have a DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

You will be required to only use it on manual (“manual setting’ means a camera on which you can set the shutter speed and the aperture). “Point and shoot’ cameras, which set themselves and cannot be controlled by the photographer, are NOT ACCEPTABLE for this course. It is preferable to use our cameras, so everyone is on the same plate. Though I may allow the use your own Digital SLR for this class, if you discuss it with me.  No phone cameras may be used for your regular assignments, either.

You are then required to read your camera’s manual and be comfortable with its operation. Given that there could be a number of different models of cameras in class, we won’t have the time to discuss every operation on each camera – pick up your manual and ask questions if they arise.
Camera Dial