Unit 1 – First Pics

Dinosaur by stoplight at sunset in Tucson.

This image was made in Tucson, Arizona at a McDonald’s restaurant.   My tripod and I were almost hanging into the 6 lanes of traffic during rush hour, at sunset.   The dinosaur is being lit by all kinds of light: headlights of cars, the stoplight, the Christmas lights in its mouth, and the sodium vapor street light coming on above it.   I kept the shutter open from the green light through the red, and the photo gods were smiling as the exposure was spot on.

  • Introduce yourself to me and the class
  • Familiarize yourself with Canvas and WordPress
  • Read your camera manual, look at tutorials


  1. Read the full syllabus
  2. View everything in the “Getting Started” folder
  3. Read the unit lesson materials on the Course Website (https://photography.community.uaf.edu)
  4. Read the “Global” elements in Editing (Software) folder
  5. Familiarize Yourself (skim) remainder of items in Editing folder


Navigate to Unit 1 in Canvas to submit your work. You can see both assignments that are due listed on the Assignments page for this unit.