Unit 3 – Motion

Slow down, speed up, DO IT ALL. {I shutter to think about it…}

  • Examples
  • Watch the video on editing your RAW file
  • Practice a few edits and submit your best work
  • Read text chapter 3
  • Assignment – see due dates  on the schedule or in Blackboard


  1. Please watch the Motion  lecture by Charles (above or  on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/kU9eMFR0sso)
  2. See the basics of Photoshop Editing – RAW Image (below or on YouTube  https://youtu.be/wSR5QsbfCIA)

Basic Photoshop Editing


  • I recommend you do not sharpen in RAW.

This is a good overall intro to editing in RAW.   Lightroom is very similar.   Ignore the part about Sharpening here.   We will follow the practice of only sharpening after resizing for a particular output (web, print, etc.).


Navigate to Unit 3  in Canvas to submit your work. Read about it  on the Assignment page for this unit.