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Stephen Paskvan

Final Project

Each year my wife Susan creates a different snow Labyrinth in our backyard lake. This year’s 1.85 mile round trip theme was …

iPhone photos

My sons’ portraits etched inside a glass cube with a prism background. Lighting from front door side window treatment creating a prism …

Final Project Proposal

My initial idea for a final project is a photo series of handmade traditional snowshoes. Photos would be in color.  Photos would …

Black and White

f5.6 1/160s ISO 5000 24-240@65mm. Original color; Raw Desaturate adjustment: Hue/Saturation; Photoshop Image Grayscale; Raw Histogram slides to Black & White


        Paskvan 9-1 f/5.6 1/200 ISO 100 24-70@50MM; Paskvan-9-2 f/2.8 1/40 ISO 100 24-70@63MM

Night Photos v. Aurora

          Paskvan-8-1 f/22 30sec ISO 3200 24-105@70mm;  Paskvan-8-2 f/22 30sec ISO 3200 @35mm;  Paskvan-8-3 f/22 30sec ISO 6400 …


                      Paskvan-Portrait-1 f/5 1/60 ISO 800 28-80@58mm; Paskvan-Portrait-2 f/5 1/60 ISO 500 @52mm; Paskvan-Portrait-3 f/5.6 …


          Paskvan-6-1 f/5.6 1/60 ISO 100 70mm;   Paskvan-6-2 f/5.6 1/160 ISO 100 70mm; Paskvan-6-3 f/5.6 1/1600 ISO 100 70mm


I Van Gogh portrait f/8 1/60 ISO 3200 24-240@62mm Car calibrations f/4 1/100 ISO 200 24-240@24mm Work-out on rings f/5.6 /250 ISO …