Unit 11 – HDR/Stitch/Pano

stitched black and white of tree
HDR Ex- 2

  • Read the overview
  • Look at EVERY attached example inside of Blackboard (there are several)!
  • Stich/HDR/Pano assignment due Nov.  17
  • Student Critique No. 2 due Nov. 17


Stitch Tutorial (using Photoshop)

This is an excellent site with all sorts of tutorials if you want to explore!  https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/how-to/photoshop-panorama.html

button for movie - click to play

HDR Tutorial

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=j7xiyPEWkrg


Navigate to Unit 11 in Blackboard to submit your work. Read about it on the Assignment page for this unit.

Also due this week is your second student critique. Visit the discussion board and do your second critique. It is worth 23 points. Don’t be late.

Choose one of the images shared on WordPress by your fellow students. Critique it in this forum. In order for your instructor (me) to know which one you are talking about, list the last name of the person and the number of the photo.

Be specific; be honest; be kind. This is supposed to be constructive. Be thorough (for instance don’t say “I like her red lips.” But say “her red lips offset the coolness of the rest of the frame and create some tension in the photo.” ) or receive lower points. Need additional examples? Refer to the ones I’ve given on your submitted assignments.