Stop Action  f/14 1/500  ISO 1600  24-240@87mm

Blur               f/36  1/2      ISO 200    24-240@129mm

Pan                f/9   1/15     ISO 125    18-270@23mm

Resubmitted photos saved at hopefully at an appropriate size.  Opened CR2 Image originally W6240 H4160 Resolution300 Size 74.3m  Saved as W2400 H1600 Res 300 Quality 12 Max

I am unsure of my first assignment format settings.  Let me know if my process needs changing.

My steps start with inserting photos in the under the Posts tab / Add new.  Next I copy and paste the post onto the Blackboard assignment page.

I was unsure if the issue of my photos being too small was caused by the copy/paste from the site into Blackboard where I never found a link/embed icon.


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