Paskvan-assignment 1

Hi, I am Steve Paskvan: born on the north shores of the mighty Chena river at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Fairbanks.  My interests have always included music, math, and photography. I have general camera knowledge with respect to shutter speed, aperture, color balance, ISO. When my family and I go hiking and I want to take a group photo it most likely will turn out to be a selfie due to my camera shooting distractions!  The initial motive for taking the class was to face the reality that I have never taken the photographer’s next mission in editing their images.  So today my goal is to download Photoshop, type out my class intro, and submit comments of my embedded image.

The boreal chickadee photo at the bird feeder was shot with my Canon EOS RP zoom lens at about 180 mm, ISO 6400 (rather high) at 1/400 sec and f/7.1. This was an experimental shot with the rule of thirds in mind. Normally the ISO would be much lower but birds have a mind of their own and flew off before granting additional time while I figured out other manual settings.  The f-stop setting kept the subject in focus while blurring the background.  This photo was sized at W 2400 px H 1600 px in my first Photoshop attempt.

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