Kramer Unit 14

“Getting ready to dance”

I decided to do my series on native regalia but while incorporating movement in it to have it look like someone is getting ready to native dance. I love things that relate to my culture, so I thought a series like this would be very fun to do! I wanted the subject to be the regalia, not the person wearing it. While these

Photo 1: Zipping up a parka. I wouldn’t recommend dancing in a parka, but I didn’t know how to incorporate movement as well in an atikluk (what we normally dance in).

Photo 2: Tying maklaks. These ones were very old maklaks that were passed down.

Photo 3: Putting earrings in. I love these earrings of two seals that are made of ivory.

Photo 4: Adjusting a bracelet. This one was hard to show detail while also trying to move the bracelet.

Photo 5: Dance fans. I borrowed these dance fans from a friend of mine. Inupiaq dancing uses decorated gloves when dancing, and Yup’ik dancing uses fans like the one in the photo. I am an Inupiaq married to a Yup’ik man, so I thought I’d include some in my series.

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