Kramer Unit 8

This is my first picture of the Aurora last night. I was a bit nervous going out because I didn’t know what to expect for shooting in low light and wasn’t sure if I would be walking away with usable photos. I will say that the aurora did not look great when I was out there, but with the power of editing, I feel like I was able to brighten it up more! I forgot to set my ISO to a lower setting (gave in to that temptation) but I shot at 1600 which I didn’t think produced that much noise. I also am starting to play with the curves in lightroom, so that was fun to do for this assignment.
This one didn’t have as much Aurora in it because they kept moving around, but I thought it would be interesting to get the plane that was passing by. There was some Aurora to give it a green glow too, so that worked out nicely!
My husband came out with me to take photos, and when the Aurora wasn’t very good, we decided to play around with lights! This was a lot of fun, and I could see myself playing around with this more in the future for portraits/creative photos. He just used his phone flashlight in these.

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