Kramer Unit 7

This is a photo of my mom. She asked me to take some headshots of her, and I thought it would be perfect for this assignment. I wish I had turned the shutter speed up more so that the snow was stopped and not blurred a bit, but it is a good reminder to look carefully at the photos for a second while you are out there shooting. All in all, I had fun doing this with her, and I like doing portrait photography!
This is a photo of my little brother rock climbing. I wanted to take his senior photos, and he likes to rock climb so I thought it would be perfect. It was a little difficult shooting here because the lighting would change with every different wall he would climb. Also, the backgrounds are busy with different colors and other people. I think one of the most valuable things I learned from portrait photography is how important the shutter speed is for portrait photos. This is my attempt at an environmental portrait.
Lastly is my attempt at a self-portrait. I will admit, I took this during week 2 of this semester. It was fun, but I also felt silly running back and forth from the camera to my position since I didn’t connect my camera to my phone (I hope no one was watching me). The focus was not right on most of them, this was one of the more focused ones. Good learning experience, and next time I will definitely connect to my phone beforehand.

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