Portrait 1 I took of my good friend Sadee, I wanted to do a pose that was a little less traditional to highlight her face and I thought the wrapping of her arms did that perfectly. This photo was taken during the day at creamers field, at 1/80, ISO 200, F8.
Portrait 2 I was lucky enough to go into a local coffee hut for my environmental portrait, I had a lot of fun taking a few pictures of Riley the barista making a drink. This photo was taken at 1/80, ISO 200, F 4.5. It came out pretty dark so lightroom helped me edit the lighting to allow us to see her and the environment better. 
Portrait 3 is my self-portrait, I set the settings to 1/160, F4.5, ISO 200 and posed the picture but had a friend assist in snapping the shot. I wanted to do something simple for my photo, so I used a chair I have and looked up some fun poses, and just took a simple photo, that I think turned out pretty good. 
These photos were all edited in Lightroom Classic, I played around with a lot more features to bring out the colors, and highlight the parts of the photos I wanted attention on. 

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