I am very proud of the three photos I have produced, I was really nervous to take these, it feels against social norms to get photos of strangers especially when they do not know you are taking them, but they do turn out very beautifully. I believe if I lived in a big city I would participate in street photography much more often. 
I knew I wanted to shoot in black and white, and I wanted to shoot in downtown Fairbanks because it really is beautiful, I got lucky that it rained which added a certain feel to my photos that I appreciate. I edited these in Lightroom Classic. 
The first photo is named “Take Me Away” and Shot at ISO 200, 1/40, F-13
The second photo is named “I’ll be back in a minute” Shot at ISO 200, 1/40, F-13
The third photo is called “Let me freeze this moment” Shot at ISO 200, 1/40, F-13

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