Point Of View Hally Jordan

I was playing around with fall colors all week, I kept trying to think of how to capture how beautiful it is in Fairbanks Alaska right now for this assignment. 
The first photo is of fall leaves on a tree looking up at the tree, I liked this point of view a lot, it was darker under the tree so I had to adjust my settings accordingly, I used f/4, 1/25, ISO 800. 
The second photo was of my sunflower I grew this summer, I wanted to get a photo looking up at it since it looks so sad. I placed it in front of some colorful trees and this beautiful photo came out of it. The settings I used were f/5, 1/30, and ISO 800.
In the final photo, I got the idea of just casually looking in my car mirror, so I pulled off to the side of a back road, put my car in park, and took this photo. The settings I used were F/16, 1/80, and ISO 800. 
I slightly edited the colors in lightroom classic which made a big difference. 

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