Motion Hally Jordan

These photos were taken of my friend Jenna. We had a lot of fun with the fall colors trying to find creative ways for this project. 

The most difficult photo to take for me was actually the pan photograph, I was having an extremely difficult time not blurring the subject of the photo, but I ended up getting my best work with the settings I used for the photo above. I did light editing in lightroom to try and have the colors match and crisp the subject as much as possible. I had the most fun with the blur shot, I wasn’t sure if it counted so I submitted two photos for the Blur shot, one with her twisting her hair and the other just normally walking by. 

In the first photo of Jenna twisting her hair, the settings I used were 1/15, F 16, ISO 200

In the second blur shot where she is walking by I used the settings 1/15, F 16, ISO 200

For the pan photograph, I used the settings 1/15, F16, ISO 200

For the final image of the ball for the stop action photograph, I used the settings 1/500, F4, and ISO 200.

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