Unit 1- First Contact Assignment

“Grandfather’s Piano”

Hi everyone! I hope you all had an amazing start to your semester. My name is Arianna Carroll and I am in my second year at UAF. When it comes to my background in photography, I have had a few classes here and there throughout my life, but for the most part, I am mainly self-taught and still very much a beginner. I have always loved taking pictures and have enjoyed capturing different moments in time. It’s fascinating to me to think that once a moment has passed that moment will never happen the same way again. For that very reason, I think being able to capture a moment through your own artist lens is quite beautiful. That is why I especially love portrait photography and how I can attempt to capture one’s emotions in a picture. I really want to learn and expand upon my skills to take better higher quality photos where I can gain more confidence in what I am doing behind the camera. The other main component that I am excited about is learning how to navigate Adobe and other photo editing software. When it comes to editing photos I barely have any skills so this class will definitely help me in bringing my pictures to life. 
The image that I am sharing today is called “Grandfather’s Piano”. I took this photo when my boyfriend I were visiting his family in Wasilla, Alaska this past summer. The whole time that we were visiting his Grandma, he would play the piano and get lost in its haunting melodies. It brought him great comfort to be sitting at the same piano that his Grandfather once sat at. His Grandfather was a gigging musician in Alaska and it was at that piano that he practiced, struggled, and created art, just like my boyfriend does now. It was such a full-circle moment. 
I love how this image mixes the old with the new, like the sheet music in the same photo as the cellphone. I like that to me it feels kind of mysterious and as if I am part of a greater story. I am excited to learn how to tell a story through light, different textures, and playing around with different focal points. Finally, I am excited to see all of your beautiful photos and can’t wait to see where this semester takes us!
-Arianna Carroll

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