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My name is Andy, I am a fish biologist and have be interested in photography since I was a young child. I have some experience though largely self taught I would like to gain more indepth experience in taking photographs.  I started taking photos with my parents Olympus SLR, gaining a baisic understanding of appeture, shutter speed, and have recently purchased a low end DSLR.

I attached a photograph that may be familiar to Mac users, a desktop picture of Catalina Island. Having visiting the island several times growing up in Southern California, I had never seen this perspective of the island before. It brought back memories and curiosity as to what other perspectives I have not seen of the island, but, also generally, how a different perspective can change the way a person understands and sees the subject of an image. This image shows the two sides of a rugged island, the calm inland waters of the San Pedro Channel and the outer rougher coast of the open Pacific Ocean. The rocks almost seem to brace themselves against it’s onslaught. The lighting also seems to reflect the calm and more rough as well brought on by a sun edging toward sunset.  I enjoy looking through images that have the power make me feel and think in different ways. I look forward to learning more about taking good photos and hopefully create a few that have that same power.

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