Unit 3 Motion

All the photos were taken at Creamer’s field.  It’s one of my favorite places to go for a walk! This first photo (mountains and trees) is my blur.  I took it at one of the observation towers.  I was going for the blur to be in the leaves since a wind was blowing.  Of course it decides to die down when I took the photos.  I like this blur because the background is still in focus even with the leaves slightly blurred.  Shutter speed 1/4s. This second blur (the pink flowers) is my personal favorite. It’s more blurry, but it’s one fault is the background is not clear. It  was less due to the wind and more due to me shaking slightly.  It is of roses along a trail and I love how the pink flowers leave that streak behind them. Shutter speed 0.4s The third photo (the bird) is my stop action photo.  I captured this bird in flight.  I played with the editing and tried to highlight just the bird and it helped the bird stand out more.  Shutter speed 1/4000s.  This last photo is my pan of a duck (that white speck in the middle) swimming in a lake.  I really struggled with tracking with the pan photos and this is my best one. Honestly, it looks more like a blur than a pan. The background is starting to do the pan blur background but is not quite there. The duck is blurred because I moved too fast while tracking it. I might have used too low of a shutter speed to pull off the pan photos. Shutter speed 0.4s.

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