Hi,  my name is  Becca Gerke  and I am new to DSLR photography.  I just got into it about a month ago. I have been into photography before for fun when I was a kid, but more recently I wanted to get more serious about it. I started when I was around 8. I used to take pictures on the trip down to the beach my family visited nearly every weekend. I got  back into a few years ago when I was tired of looking at winter and not seeing bright colors, so I took pictures of brightly colored flowers that summer and I look back at my photos when I want to see spring and summer again. I like to take pictures of nature. I took this class to help me learn more about how to take photos and to give me a solid foundation in photography.

The photo I included is from a few days ago of flowers in my grandmother’s planter. I purposefully wanted to have the background flowers blurred and that turned out good. However, the center flower, in the three that are the main focus, is not in focus like I wanted it to be. I like the color contrast of the flowers with the leaves and the sunlight shining through the petals.

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