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Hi Class,

I’m Aleya Brinkman from Fairbanks, Alaska. Here is a recent photo of mine that caught my eye. It’s more a photo that tells a story than is artistic. I don’t consider it to be very good but I really like the content. This is at Tanana Lakes (a local lake) on May 9 of this spring and it captures the spirit of the long winter and Fairbanksan’s adventurous attitude to get outside no matter the conditions. The ice isn’t even out on the lake and people are ready to go swimming! Obviously the trees in the foreground really hamper the view so it doesn’t work there but you could also think about it as though I am spying through the trees and observing something that isn’t quite right – which would be people frolicking in 33 degree F water.

I don’t have a background in photography but have taken zillions of photos. I have tried to teach myself through reading and tutorials a bit but I think I really need the expertise of an instructor and interactive community to help me find what to focus on. I am ready to advance my knowledge and more accurately and beautifully capture our unique Alaskan lifestyle. I do have a background in science and I tend to be interested in photos for identification and phenological purposes. I also have a family and want to be the best documentary photographer that I can for them. Maybe I will even capture a few images of myself in the mix.


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