Unit 5: Photoshop

The first picture set is of my boyfriend holding the cat, Andre the Giant. In this photo, I edited it for whiter teeth, more exposure and light, and to bring out a little more color in Andre’s fur.

In the second picture set, I have a close up angle of my dog Ana’s face. I adjusted the lighting to be a bit more white as it was very yellow from the light bulb. I also corrected some of her fur color to make it more true to the black, tan, and white dog that she is, as well as cropping it to center more on her face.

In the third and final picture set, my mom is seated and looking off to the side. I made part of her cheek a little more clear as well as removed a few loose hairs that faintly covered her neck. I also cropped the picture so that there was less stuff going on in the background to distract from my subject.

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