Depth of Field

This first set of photos are of my nana’s  beadworking. The first photo is set at f3.5 with a shutter speed of 1/125 of a second, while the second is at f22 and 1/4s.

This second set was taken during my opening shift at the Wood Center, 6:45am and time for coffee. The first   is set at f4.5 and 1/25s, while the second is f11 and 1/4s.

This last set of photos is my portrait set. Considering my curious puppy was very interested in the camera’s clicking, she sat in the same place watching me long enough to change the settings from f4 and 1/50s to f16 and 1/4. The two dogs in the background though managed to change positions though in that time. I’ll still need to work on keeping the same lighting in my photo sets when I adjust the settings.

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