Photoshop Fun

Here are my 3 photos that I was able to make better with Photoshop:

Photo 1 – Picture of my son but underexposed and very dull with color.


Edited – warmed the picture up and it looks decent and lively now.


Photo 2 – Some of my favorite wines. Photo is underexposed and I had some lighting issues in a dark house.

Dolan-5-2edited copy

Edited – Adjusted lighting and color to warm this up and bring better color in.


Photo 3 – A cool shot of Fireworks I took over the Magic Kingdom that had some cool effects. However the silhouette of Space Mountain and the trees is a bit lost.


Edited: I adjusted levels but this was a difficult one to get right since there is not a lot of color to balance. I manipulated levels, shadows, highlights until it looked close. I resorted to burning a little of the structure and trees to bring out more detail.


Cool assignment and it really drives the point home that good photography can transition into great with the right editing and thought going into your levels and histogram while taking the shot.

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