Action Photos – Manipulating Perceptions of Action

All Shots were taken from Carl’s Jr. on Mehar Ave on Saturday January 30th, 2016. I use a Canon 30D and I did utilize a tripod for the blur shot where the subject is blurred but the background is not. The ambient light made shooting the blurs a bit difficult, but I was able to overcome by lowering the ISO and aperture to reduce available light which allowed me use slower shutter speeds to get the blurs I was looking for.

Shot 1 — Stop Action Photograph.


Image composed of a blue sedan moving about 30 miles per hour. I used a higher ISO and shutter speed to stop all motion of this action.

F-Stop: f/5

Exposure/Shutter: 1/1250 sec

ISO: 1000


Shot 2 — Pan Action Photograph.


Image composed of a black Toyota truck moving about 30 miles per hour. I used a low ISO and shutter speed while panning the camera to follow the trucks movement. This effect kept the truck in focus while the background was blurred. This technique accentuates the action of the shot and focuses your eyes on the item in focus.

F-Stop: f/20

Exposure/Shutter: 1/13 sec

ISO: 100


Shot 3 — Blur Action Photograph.


Image composed of a Chevy truck moving about 30 miles per hour. For this shot I used a tripod so the background would stay in focus for the longer shutter speed. I used a low ISO and shutter speed while not moving the camera (tripod). This effect kept the background in focus while the action of the truck was blurred.

F-Stop: f/22

Exposure/Shutter: 1/3 sec

ISO: 100

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