ART 284 Schedule

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Module 1
*Introduction to the class.  Go over the syllabus and class requirements.  Equipment and supply needs.  Present some past student work.  Answer questions and prepare for next week.Reading: Chapters 1-4*Cameras assigned and explained.  Carry your camera around everywhere you go this week.  Shoot at least 100 frames of anything that catches your attention. Remember to crop with your feet. Fill the frame with your subject. Bring in your camera to class (every week) and we’ll upload your cards and begin work on editing with the Adobe Bridge, and importing your photos into Camera Raw.Assignment #1 Due date

*Learn to load photos onto department’s server.  Continue with cameras.  Tiny introduction to Photoshop and the Bridge.  Look at the images you shot this week.  Discuss Depth of Field and how the lens controls the image.
Module 2

Assignment #2 – Due date – Depth of Field.

Turn in 6 photos (3 series of 2 comparative shots) images for this assignment. These need to show the exact same subject but very different depth of field. One will have almost everything sharply in focus and the other will have almost everything out of focus. Remember that both distance from your subject and the aperture affect the depth of field.
*Critique of #2 Depth of Field, and other discussion. Critique of Depth of Field photos.  More work on camera controls and Photoshop.  Discuss how the shutter affects the image and the upcoming Motion assignment.

Reading: Chapter 7
*Discuss capturing motion with a still camera.

Module 3
Assignment #3 — Due date – Motion Turn in 6 images for this assignment. Make 6 shots, two each that demonstrate each type of motion image: stop action, blur, and pan. No photos of cars please! Get creative — don’t just do “easy’ or accessible subject like people jumping or random dorm room things — challenge yourself! Watch out — It’s far too easy to take snapshots and poor compositions for this assignment!

*Critique of #3 Motion, and other discussion.
*Review camera controls and more basic Photoshop skills Field questions about these. Discuss and look at examples of Point of View images.
Module 4

Assignment #4 — Due date – Point of View

Perspective & the unique eye. Turn in 3 Photoshop edited images that explore unique perspectives, attention to compositional detail, juxtaposition of size and scale, lines, patterns, eyeball benders, etc.
*Critique of #4 Point of View, and other discussion.

Shooting strangers with a camera.  Discuss the journalistic Feature Photo.  Look at examples.
Module 5

Assignment #5 — Due date — Journalism Feature shot Turn in 3 different edited images of people in Fairbanks doing everyday things, like shoveling snow or recreational skiing, along with their names and other relevant cutline information. These should be candid shots of STRANGERS — no friends and no posed shots!
*Critique of #5, Journalism Feature shot, and other discussion. AND Quiz 1 — Technical quiz on digital camera handling skills .
*Discussion and examples of portrait photography  And journalistic Environmental Portraits.

Reading: Chapter 5
Module 6

Midterm Assignment — Due date

Turn in 3 edited images. Self-portrait. Portrait of a friend, and an environmental portrait of someone at their job (with cutline information).  These are not snapshots. They should have great light and clean backgrounds and be well thought out. The Environmental Portrait needs to include the person’s job environment in a story-telling way.
*Critique of Midterm Portrait assignment, and other discussion.

*Hand out flashes and demonstrate how to use them. Discuss and show examples of hand-held and flash lighting.

Module 7Assignment #6 – Due date — Hand-held flash Turn in 3 edited images — making sure that they showcase a variety of flash techniques. Include direct flash, bounce flash and studio flash.Reading: Chapter 5 (again)
*Critique of #6 Hand-held Flash, and other discussion.
*Continue technical discussion with flash.More examples if needed.  Re-visit motion effects with the shutter, and look at examples of sports photojournalism.  Discuss and show examples of final series, either an art series or a photo essay, comprising of five mounted prints to be hung in the hallway for a show (Due April 30)
Module 8

Assignment #7 — Due date — Sports

Due are 6 Sports photos from 2 different sports on campus or in town.  Please show stop action, motion and blur techniques over the 6 images due.

Reading: Handout in class.
*Critique of #7 Sports, and other discussion.

*Discuss how to shoot a News Event.

Show examples of local news events, both planned and unplanned.  Explain getting closer to subjects.  How to find an event.  Campus news vs. City News.
Module 9

Assignment #8 — Due date — News

Shoot a News Event on campus or in town this week.  Look in the paper, and find a couple things happening that qualify as News, as discussed in class.  Coverage needs to include with an overall, a medium, and a close up shot of each event.  Three images are due.

Reading: Handout in class.

*Critique of #8 News assignment, and other discussion.

*Discuss the final series/photo essay due in four weeks.  Continue discussing, with examples, how to approach shooting a series for a show, or a Photo Essay for publication.  Debug technical camera and Photoshop issues, or any other obstacles to turning in final series.  Supply needs.
Module 10

Assignment #9 — Due date — Point and shoot or photo images. Next week bring in six images shot with a point and shoot or your iPhone or other smart phone.  Be creative.  If you have software, such as the Hipstamatic camera app, use it!
*Critique of #9 Point and Shoot or Camera Phone Images

*Discuss Studio lighting, demonstrate studio flash.  

Look at examples of simple lighting set ups.
Module 11

Assignment #10 — Due date — Studio flash

Next week bring three images made in the studio with a simple set up as demonstrated.

*Critique of #10 Studio Flash

*Final Quiz , open discussion Photojournalism techniques and definitions, and final technical topics.
Module 12

Assignment #11 — Due date – Photographer’s Choice Bring in three images that you’ve shot for yourself this semester for your own reasons, off assignments!
*Critique of #11 Photographer’s Choice

*Go over Final Assignment again Discuss the end game, mounting your work and the show.  The opening.  Cards.  Labels.
Module 13

Assignment # 12 – Due date – Samples from Final Bring in two images from your final project, so we can see how it is going.
*Critique #12 Samples, and other discussion  Dry mount demonstration
*Open discussion.  What to take next, careers, equipment, anything goes…
Module 14

*Mounting and Matting finale

*Last Class!  Hang Show!!!
EXAM WEEK: We will open the show during exam week and your attendance is required.

  • TALK to Arctic Java about hanging a show
  • Have an online show – use part of and to promote out images (have a page on one or the other)