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Final Series: Johnson

For my final series, I took photos of different patterns/textures and this was my favorite.

Unit 14: Johnson

This was my favorite photo taken with my phone for this week’s assignment.

Unit 12: Johnson

I’m wanting to do a stitched/pattern series of photographs for the final project.

Black & White: Johnson

This is my favorite version after converting this image to black and white three different ways.

Lighting: Johnson

The first photo has really harsh lighting and the second one is much softer.

Night: Johnson

This was the first time I had gotten to see the aurora so it was perfect timing that I happened to have …

Portrait: Johnson

This is a self portrait of me taking off my glasses. It worked out really well with the lighting and made the …

Strangers: Johnson

This one was my favorite because of the colors and symbolism. As I was editing the photo I noticed that the woman …