Assignment Unit 7

example of high shutter speed with caribouStrangers/Feature

Option A: Journalism Feature shot

Turn in 3 different edited images of people in your town  doing everyday things, like shoveling snow or recreational skiing, along with their names and other relevant cutline information. These should be candid shots of STRANGERS — no friends and no posed shots! But you can tell them you are shooting so they keep doing what they were doing for you.

Option B: Street Photography of Strangers

Turn in 3 different edited images of people taken in a Street Photography style. Look again at Cartier Bresson for more examples. These can be color or black and white. Usually candid, and wideangle, and often your subject didn’t even know you took the photo.

MIX AND MATCH: Feel free to try BOTH techniques and show your best three in class.

NOTE: If you go into private places, or stores, you should seek permission to shoot there.

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