Assignment Unit 4

You’ll never look at the world the same way again!
Look into my eyes - photo in a lense
Eyeball bender

Point of View (POV)

This is a fun (yes, FUN) assignment.   So make sure you have fun!   If you don’t have fun, then don’t show me any photos…!

Your mission is to make three photographs from a unique point of view.   These can be eyeball benders, or just the world seen from a spot from which we don’t usually view it.   Look at the world from a dog’s eye view, or a bird’s eye view, or from the view from the back of the inside of your refrigerator (self timer helps here).   Put the camera where we wouldn’t ordinarily put our eyes.

Creativity- that means to Create.   You are automatically creating something (outa nothing) each time you push the shutter button.   But it also means, to me, to surprise me with your visual genius so I am almost speechless.   That’s your goal.   Astonish Charles.  

Make sure you are carrying your camera everywhere.   It’ll be easy to find a variety of photos then.   Use your new techniques with DOF or Motion, if that helps the pic.   Close-up are always good for this assignment, as well

Adjust color and density in your editing software, crop if you like, and put your three (3) best online.


Navigate to Canvas Unit 4  and submit your work.

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