Assignment Unit 12

Phone Photos

A digital photography course these days would be remiss if at least one assignment didn’t cover our cell phone cameras. I recently taught a class for the Girl Scouts. I showed up with a high end digital camera, and a point-n-shoot, all ready to explain shutter speeds, f/stops, etc. Every single one of the nine girl scouts had iPhones or iPads with which to do their photos. I put away the cameras, took out my iPhone 6, and got to work with them.

Certainly cell phone cameras have come a long way. And for many uses they are the most practical camera to have on hand. There’s a saying, the best camera is the one you have with you. While this assignment is geared toward the iPhone, you may use whatever cell phone camera you have. There are a lot of tutorials online for every phone imaginable. So Google away!

Also, I want to mention the Apps available for the iPhone and others. There are a zillion. But one I use a lot, and there are photos from it in the example folder, is the Hipstamatic. I know it is available for the iPhone, and I hope for others, such as the Androids. It’s very inexpensive, and a lot of creative fun. So download it and give it a try if you want.

Due to me are three phone photographs, made as seriously (though they can be humorous images, of course) as if you used your DSLR.


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