Unit 7: Portraits

Unit 7: Portraits was a fun shoot! I enjoyed experimenting  with the 3 different topics. I narrowed it down to one of each! My “selfie” was not in black and white because I always need color in my life. The photo is bright and the focus is on the beautiful tree! I would much rather be in the woods exploring, then running around a concrete jungle. The environmental portrait was a shot I have always wanted to take and the opportunity presented itself at the Nanook Swim meet! I loved how intense the swimmer looked with her teammates and competition in the back round. Finally, the last portrait was meant to capture the gloomy, cold, and wet October day in Fairbanks. There is not much information in this photo except the layers, big rain jacket, and a tree backdrop that hints to what I was looking to capture.    Williams-7-3 Williams-7-2 Williams-Portrait-1