Unit 6: Stangers

This unit was very interesting. I was having a hard time thinking of how I could get pictures of strangers but more importantly, where. I went to the only place where I can always find my answers: the gym. This weekend was perfect because of the gun show, the swim meet (which, I had no idea it was going on), and finally the SRC where there are always kids working out. Here I found loads of people where 99.9% there were strangers, so I pulled out my camera and started shooting. I had the pleasure of making a few new friends while capturing some of these photos. The whole experience was fun!

  1. My first photo was taken at the UAF patty pool. I was originally shooting an Impact swimmer and this happened to be a shot I was playing around with and ended up loving it! I wish I could have gotten the name of the boy that swam so well!
  2. The rock climbing picture was a shot where Jed Hardcastle was being spotted by Carie Navio. Rock climbing has its own kind of beauty and the finesse of the climber helps to shape the photo. The body language from both parties makes me love this photo.
  3. Ben Smith from Hickory, NC was one of the vendors at the gun show advertising his one handed strike fire starter. I captured the process of how the material had caught fire. It was an ultimate survival piece and he was very persuasive and efficient in selling his products.

IMG_20151012_200334 IMG_20151012_195411