Unit 4: Point of View

I had a lot of fun with the Unit. I was able to use the camera in the gym, wilderness, and through native art. The statue in front of the bookstore was a shot I couldn’t pass up because the sky provided the perfect white backdrop. The detail on the statue really stuck out to me once the clutter of the library, pavement, and plants were taken out of the picture.

Hans Solo was the main focus on the second shot. I propped him in tree to give the photo a little more detail as he points his gun to the gentleman in the back. I thought it was fun to have him surrender to the armed Lego.

Last but not least was the gym shot. My teammate was warming up for open gym while I was rolling out my sore muscles on the sideline. I tried to take action shots from 10 different angles to get something different but I was not getting the results I wanted. It wasn’t until I decided to use the roller to create a different outlook on basketball. It really helped to focus on a particular point than trying to use a whole frame to get what I was looking for.

Williams-4-1 Williams-4-2 Williams-4-3