Hello everybody! My name is Aleena Snider. I was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. I am currently working on my BA in Child Development and Family Studies. I am taking this course as one of my humanities credits, but also because I have had a passion for photography for quite some time.

My interest in photography began when I first saw the movie, Where the Heart Is. The movie came out when I was in high school. I then took photo 1 & 2, my sophomore and junior year. I truly fell in love. Soon after, I bought my very first 35 mm Canon Rebel, for $649. I fell in love with this camera and was determined to use it every chance I got!

After high school, I dreamt about becoming a professional photographer. I dreamt of having my very own dark room and everything that came with it. I wanted to become that traveling landscape and wildlife photographer. However, that didn’t quite happen!

While that dream didn’t quite come true, I was blessed with another of having children of my own. In almost four years, I have taken over 32,000 pictures! I love taking pictures of my kids, my family, landscape and wildlife.

I am looking very forward to this class, learning the ropes of photo editing software, and hope to be able to gain enough knowledge to enhance my photos to make them even better.

The photo below is a picture frome Creamers Field. I love the colors and thr true beauty it shows of what Alaska has to offer!