Introduction- Elaina Boman

Hello everyone! My name is Elaina. I’ve taken Photography ( darkroom, developing, etc.) and digital photography for two years during high school and I loved it. Working with the darkroom and the long process of developing was what I enjoyed the most. This is why I’ve decided to take digital photography again, because I think I need to refresh my mind in this field. Also, I’m an art student so this class is going to be a lot of fun for me. I’ve chosen art as my major because in the future I plan on getting my license in cosmetology and I think building experiences and artistic ability will really help with that. I’m looking forward to the photos I’ll be taking and seeing everyone else’s work as well.  ebX1uOJ

The photo I’ve selected is a rocket launch from United Launch Alliance that was recently captured. The photo MOST DEFINITELY works! The colors are magnificent and the ray of light was captured perfectly. The darkness of the sky surrounding the point of focus really makes this photo pop. Who wouldn’t love it?

Photo credit: Ed Dosado