Assignment 1- Introduction

Hi there!  My name is Tina and I live on Kodiak island with my husband, twin 5 year old boys and two dogs. I’ve had a DSLR camera for about 9 years now and never really took the time to understand it until the last year or so. My best friend is a wedding photographer and has asked me to “second shoot” with her on a couple of occasions. Typically she sets her camera for me and directs me where to shoot. I’d like to be able to set my own camera in manual mode and understand all the functions the camera has to offer. Being on Kodiak, there is ample photographic opportunity. I’d also like ACTUAL photos of my kiddos rather than iphone photos saved to instagram.

This is a photo I took last summer of my main squeeze, Axel. It was taken on surfer’s beach here in Kodiak while we watched whales and let him chase seaweed. While he may not be looking at the camera, what I like about the photo is the clarity of my subject along with the horizontal lines that aren’t crooked (aside from the mountain range). It also captures Axel’s personality perfectly with how dead-set focused he is on a sand fly. The contrast between bright blue ocean, emerald hillside and brown sand/dog also makes me happy. Typically I suck at focusing correctly on manual mode so this was for sure a victory!First Assignment

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